Audio Workflow

Audio Management in a Nutshell

Asset Manager provides a convenient tool for finding and importing audio files from your filesystem into your projects. This is a great way to manage audio assets purchased and downloaded from sites like Humble Bundle.

The Process

The general recommended workflow is to store and organize audio in a private or team repository like Dropbox. I generally organize all of my audio assets in a directory in Dropbox that can be used on whatever device I am using Unity from.

  1. Create a Dropbox directory to organize the assets
  2. Download audio assets and store them in the directory you created.
  3. Add the Dropbox directory to the search paths in Asset Manager’s Audio tab settings page
  4. Hit the save button
  5. Refresh assets

Once you have your audio collection added to the Audio tab’s search path you can search for audio, preview it, and import it into your project.


On Windows you will only be able to playback some audio formats in the tool (a fix for this is planned).